Chronic Migraine Prevention

chronic migraine pain relief

There Is Hope For Migraine Warriors Like You

Does chronic migraine stop you from enjoying a normal life, working, playing with the kids, having good times with friends, going away on holidays…?

If you have been battling chronic migraine for years, wasting at least 4 hours each time, 15 days or more each month, you know how much it destroys your energy. And the stress shows up on your face, adding lines to your forehead!

We understand how much you would love to feel young again!

There is a preventive treatment that may help you reduce the frequency of your migraines.

The Chronic Migraine Prevention Treatment

The chronic migraine prevention treatment involves a series of injections of Botulinum Toxin in 7 areas of shallow muscles in your head and neck, using ultra fine needles. Each session only takes about 15 minutes. You may start to experience the results 4 weeks after the first treatment.

Typically you need 2 sessions 3 months apart until you know how well the treatment can work for you. Over the 6months you should notice a reduction in the number of “migraine days”. You may have to repeat it every 3 months to get an ongoing benefit.

The most common side effect is neck pain, experienced by up to 10% of people.

Your wellbeing and safety are very important to us. We discuss your past medical history with you; together we review how you have been managing your episodes of chronic migraine. We assess if you have a good chance of benefiting from a preventive treatment.

Book A Consultation To Find Out More

If you’d love to add days back to your calendar and live a normal life again for 2 extra days a month or more, injections of Botulinum Toxin are an option you have to consider. Chronic migraine prevention may keep a relaxed smile on your face more days than you have thought possible in the past.

Come and have a confidential conversation with our doctor. in the privacy of our professional suite in Mount Waverley you can have a confidential and thorough discussion about your struggle with chronic migraine, our experience with preventing chronic migraine occurrences and what you can expect from the treatment.