Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Combat Tired Looking Skin with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

When you want your skin to look and feel younger, you can look for a “quick fix” or you may prefer a lasting solution that rejuvenates your skin more slowly AND more durably. Platelet Rich Plasma, commonly called PRP, offers that durable effect with a safe allergy-free surgery-free treatment.

Natural Skin Rejuvenation Medicine With Your Own Platelets

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a revolution in cosmetic treatments that rejuvenates the skin. Cosmetic PRP uses you own blood to bring vitality back to your skin and make your face radiant again.

Cosmetic PRP is a completely natural substance because it is extracted from a small sample of your own blood.

PRP injections is a very different treatment from the mainstream cosmetic treatments such as fillers. It rejuvenates the whole face rather than fill or smooth individual wrinkle. At Feel Young Again clinics you can enjoy the benefits of effective Platelet Rich Plasma treatments expertly provided by our qualified Hematology specialist

How PRP Treatments Work

Skin rejuvenation with Platelet Rich Plasma is a progressive natural treatment:

  • It usually consists of a course of 3 sessions one month apart, with top ups needed only once every 12 months.
    These long lasting effects develop over several weeks. As your skin looks progressively healthier, its rejuvenation is noticeable by everyone without anyone knowing exactly what is happening (unless you tell them about your cosmetic uplift).
  • At each session, we take a little bit of your blood, extract the Platelet Rich Plasm and inject it in the area that you want to rejuvenate.
  • Because PRP is made of a sample of your own blood, without any additives, there is no risk of allergic reactions. It is natural and less harmful.
  • PRP does not work by reducing the movement of the muscles of facial expression, so it has no risk of causing any paralysis.

The Science Of PRP Rejuvenation

Platelets are fragments of cells in the blood that are an integral part of forming clots “scabs”, which stop bleeding and allow healing. However, they have another vital role in healing. They contain chemicals called “growth factors” which have been shown to cause cells to multiply and form new tissue.

PRP contains a much higher concentration of platelets than the normal blood. Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and grow new cells. Injecting your PRP back means that higher concentration of growth factors is being released into the treated area. This process accelerates and enhances healing and tissue rejuvenation.

The 3 Steps of Each Treatment Session

  1. We take a small amount of your blood (like a normal blood test) and then spin in a centrifuge for 25min on a speed of 2500rpm. This separates the blood into its various components: The bottom layer contains most of the red blood cells, while the top layer is mostly plasma (the clear fluid) with a higher than a normal number of platelets. This top layer is the PRP that is going to be used to bring vitality back to your skin.
  2. The area to be treated is washed and a local anesthetic cream is applied.
  3. The skin is then washed again and is now ready. PRP is now injected directly into the area to be treated.
  4. Should you experience a small amount of bruising following the injection, be reassured that it will disappear over the next few days

You Can Optimise The Effects Of Your PRP Treatment

What you do in the weeks before a PRP treatment session can maximise the quality of the PRP taken from your blood.

    • For at least a week prior to the treatment, you should NOT smoke, drink alcohol or caffeine or eat very fatty food.
    • Anticoagulant medications “blood thinners” such as warfarin, Clopidogerl and Aspirin should generally not be taken during course of treatment. Discuss this with your doctor before ceasing any medications.

The use of hyperbaric chambers has been seen to increase the number of stem cells in the blood and enhance the effects of PRP.

Note: Treatment costs vary depending on the area treated. The Medicare rebate only applies for treatment of an area of injury such as a burn or scar.

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