Hydration Skin Treatments

Repair Your Skin With Hydration Treatments

We cannot totally avoid exposure to the sun; sadly it leads to premature ageing of our skin. And our lives are often so busy we do not have the time to look after our skin, we let it suffer. That means that our skin can look dull and feel uncomfortably dry and flaky. It can show more wrinkles and significantly lose its elasticity. Imagine enjoying again a feeling of being comfortable in your own supple, fresh looking skin.

Another common cause of disappointment in our skin is the damage of acne scars. The intense acne inflamation we so hated attacked our skin collagen. Those scars attack our self-confidence and joie-de-vivre. Imagine smoothing those scars, filling the indentations. Wouldn’t seeing our skin healthy and smooth again be exciting? Wouldn’t it give us our confidence back?

A Range Of Natural Hydration Treatments

Feel Young Again offers personalised hydration treatments designed to rejuvenate your damaged skin. They restore the hydration of your skin and repair it from within.

Youthful skin is rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen. These play an important part in retaining the moisture in our skin, helping tissue repair and protection. So to bring that youthful glow to your face, we replenish the hyaluronic acid and collagen under the skin.

Think of it like an internal skin cream! The depressions of your acne scars fill and become smoother, the elasticity of the skin returns progressively, the discomfort of dry skin disappears, your natural glow comes back to your face. You feel good about yourself. And your family, friends and colleagues will notice a difference, without knowing how it is happening.

Your Safe Personalised Treatment Program

Based on the assessment of your skin, our specialist determine the best treatment form and duration. We offer injections and/or oral treatments. The duration of a hydration treatment duration is typically 2 to 3 months.

You know how you want to look and feel. Your objectives may best achieved by a combination of treatments. We can help you decide what is right for you. Remember you must also tell us your medical history.

Find Out How We Can Help You Feel Young Again!

To know more about the range of treatments that Feel Young Again provides and how they may benefit you, talk to our cosmetic medicine expert. Get a personalised plan.

Book a confidential conversation with our qualified therapist in the privacy and comfort of our well-appointed professional suite. Consultations are by appointment only.

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